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About our refills & service


  • All refills are guaranteed! We wouldn't expect a client to pay for a product they were unhappy with
  • Refills are designed to perform at least as well than an original in quality and page yield terms.
  • Manufacturers warranties are unaffected by the use of refills expect where a refill causes a problem in this case we will cover the warranty.
  • Most refills are tested in house prior to repackaging.
  • The advantage of using a local supplier is that we are HERE to help ( unlike a website in Jersey for example)!


Refills - care & handling


Keep upright as handed to you by the staff!

Please avoid touching any of the electrics on the outside of the cartridge ( that is, the copper coloured strip ) or chips. This will help prevent electrical failures.

If you refill is held in a plastic clip it will NOT have a tear off tape unless otherwise advised, therefore do not attempt to pull off the cartridge's integral parts.

Refills are best used within 6 months but should you have any issues with quality please return it and we will remedy this or credit you for the refill value

Any problems at all - please ask! We can't sort out a problem unless we know about it and we want all our customers to have a GOOD EXPERIENCE & SAVE MONEY!!


What's the best printer to buy?


This is a very common question in the shop. Many people have realised that cheap printers does not equal cheap ink. It is very much the case that cheap printers are likely to have expensive running costs these days. When buying a printer you should determine what is it going to be used for and how much printing it is likely to be doing. Once you know this it is a case of determining whether to pay extra for a economical rpinter. This is where we can help you decide. We will do our utmost to give you the best advice so that you get the best and most suitable deal for you.


Common Questions about our service


Q. How long does a refill take?

A. Most ink refills take around 20-30 mins depending how busy the shop is. For toner cartridges we ask our  customers to give us 24 hours notice. 

Q. Is the quality as good as originals?

A. Our aim is always to provide a cartridge that is as good if not better than the original. In fact we find that a lot of cartridges will take more ink in a refill than the original for (sometimes) less than half the price!





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